I Will Be More of All I Loved in You

My mind sighs.

My heart breaks.

My body aches.

For the phenomenal woman who brought me to life.

Who taught me to love the written word, devouring books and sending me on a path of pen to paper.

Who enlightened me to the peace of digging in the earth and the beauty of flowers and fruits and herbs.

Who showed me a woman’s place is not in the kitchen–though cooking is love– it’s marching and speaking up.

Who helped me raise my son and pushed me to balance life and work.

Who respected me and my decisions (wise or not).

Who loved and cared for me. And gave endlessly.

How lucky I am to call you Ma.

How I will hold close every embrace.

How I will try to be more of all I loved in you.

Mom teaching me to ski, sort of

A poem for my mom written on Mother’s Day 2022, two days after she passed.