The Other Side of Normal. A bit from Chapter 2.

Here is a bit of a bite from Chapter 2 of The Other Side of Normal.

I met a guy on one of those trips to LA. Nothing to really write home about. Just a guy in a punk band and we dated for several months. He had his own apartment with his older brother, which I thought was very grown up. We went to a lot of shows, drank too much, and smoked a lot of pot. There was a lot of lying to my mom at the time: Just going over to this and that girlfriend’s house for the night. When I turned 18, he showed up at a small party some friends gave to help me celebrate. But that was it. No card. No present. Just a cigarette in his mouth and ripped jeans.

First Crushes

What does it say about you if your first crush was an animated character? Yes. I had two.

First there was Mighty Mouse. Who wouldn’t love him. He saved the day! Big ears for listening. Cape for flying. Beefy chess. That’s hot.

And then there was Underdog. There’s no need to fear, Underdog is hear. Cute, loveable and goofy. The Ultimate Nerd.  That’s hot too!

Mighty Mouse in Ralph Bakshi's adaptation

Mighty Mouse in Ralph Bakshi’s adaptation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m okay admitting it. I’m confident in my love for the dog and the mouse!